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 The section has traditionally produced two newsletters for its members annually. In September 2019 we decided to switch to an on-line newsletter which will allow more flexibility and also potenially more frequent updates. The current newsletter (December 2019) can be found at the following link:



You can view or download all newsletters since 2002 as PDF files from the table below. Earlier newsletters were only produced on paper, but a digitization project is currently in progress....

Spring Newsletter
Autumn Newsletter
2007 May 2007
2008 April 2008 October 2008
2009 May 2009November 2009
2010April 2010October 2010
2011June 2011November 2011
2012May 2012December 2012
2013April 2013September 2013
2014February 2014October 2014
2015March 2015October 2015
2016February 2016October 2016
2017March 2017October 2017
2018October 2018

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