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INSECTSmail is a small, manually operated mailing list for social insect researchers. The purpose of this list is to make announcements about:

In February 2023, INSECTSmail reached 650 subscribers.

INSECTSmail grew out of the EU INSECTS network (INtegrated Studies of the EConomy of insecT Societies) that ran from 2001 to 2004, and has retained the name. It is generally has a low volume of traffic - Usually one or two messages a month, depending on the volume of information received and the other work commitments of the webmaster. INSECTSmail currently has more than 650 subscribers worldwide. Information distributed by INSECTSmail is generally also posted on the relevant pages of the IUSSI North-West European web site, and on the North-West European Section Facebook page.

Subscribing to INSECTSmail

If you would like to subscribe to INSECTSmail, please send an e-mail asking to join, and giving your name and e-mail address, to:


This e-mail will then reach David Nash, and he'll add your e-mail address to the list of those who will receive mailings - You can also write to this address if you want to be removed from the list, if you change your e-mail address, or if you have any information that you think should be disseminated via INSECTSmail. Please make sure to include any deadlines in the information, and send it in plenty of time to be included in the next message (ca. 6 weeks in advance if possible).

The last INSECTSmail message was sent out on 15 February 2025

Privacy Policy: Your e-mail address will only be used to send out INSECTSmail messages, and will never be used for commercial purposes or disclosed to a third party without your express permission.
However, this also means that I won't update your e-mail address unless you ask me to do so, so please make sure to send any address updates to the e-mail address given above.
If I become aware of an e-mail address change, I will probably write to you to see whether you want your INSECTSmail address to be updated, and if I get no reply, you'll probably be removed after a couple of returned e-mails.

This site is maintained and promoted on the Internet by David Nash email to: DRNash@bio.ku.dk
Last modified Thursday, February 15, 2024