The IUSSI International Congress

5-10 August 2018

XVIII IUSSI International Congress

Guarujá, Brazil

Keep an eye on the IUSSI2018 web site: http://www.iussi2018.com. The organisers are currently working on their final list of plenary speakers. They plan to start sending out invitations early in 2017.

 Previous Congress:

13-18 July 2014

XVII IUSSI International Congress

Cairns, Australia

The program for the congress can be downloaded here, and the abstract book here.


IUSSI Section Meetings


Please notify the webmaster about your meeting

7-11 August 2017

Andean-Caribbean Section Biennial Meeting

Tarapoto, Peru

The Andean-Caribbean Section (formerly Bolivarian Section) of the IUSSI organizes insect sociobiology in the northern neotropics. We will hold our biennial general meeting on 7-11 August 2017 in the upper Amazon Region at Tarapoto, Peru, (6°29’S 76°22’W). If your interests are in neotropical social insects, please consider joining us. Members of other sections are cordially invited to attend on the same basis as our own members. The languages of the meeting will be Spanish, English and Portuguese.

A more formal first announcement will follow. This e-mail serves as a preliminary advice to assist you in planning. To express interest and put yourself on the meeting's mailing list, contact conference president Marilena Marconi (marilena.marconi@gmail.com).

23-25 August 2017

French Speaking Section

National History Museum of Paris

The French speaking section will hold its biannual meeting (in between European and World meetings) at the National History Museum of Paris in from the 23h to the 25th of August
2017. We will have two invited speakers, Yannick Wurm (Queen Mary University of London) and Doyle Mckey (Center of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, Montpellier). There will also be a plenary session by the recipient of the early career researcher prize. The website will be launched soon.

14-15 September 2017

XVI National meeting of the Italian IUSSI

Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

More details and the first circular (in Italian) can be found at the Italian Section web site: http://www.aisasp.it/?p=1351


Other Meetings & courses of interest to social insect researchers

21-24 April 2017

7th Central European Workshop of Myrmecology

Kraków, Poland

The Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Jagiellonian University is delighted to invite you to join the 7th Central European Workshop of Myrmecology to be held 21-24.04.2017 in Krakow, Poland. The aim of this meeting is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, methods, and results in all aspects of myrmecology. Registration is open until January 15, 2017. Please visit cewm-krakow.com for details.

30 July - 4 August 2017

Behaviour 2017

Estoril, Portugal

A joint meeting of the 35th International Ethological Conference (IEC) and the 2017 Summer Meeting of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB). Plenary speakers include Gene Robinson and Raghavendra Gadagkar, so there should be plenty of interest for the social insect community. Details of symposia should be online soon, and submission of abstracts is open until 28 March. Early-bird registration closes 28 February.

For more details, see: http://behaviour2017.org

20-25 August 2017

2017 Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology

Groningen, the Netherlands

The 2017 ESEB congress has many symposia related to social insect research, including "Sociality and disease", "Major transitions in evolution" and "Fitness and evolution in a social environment: from theory to reality". For more details, see the congress web site: http://www.eseb2017.nl

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10 January 2017

28 August -
2 September 2017

European Ant Course 2017

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

This 6-day PhD course is designed to give an appreciation of the evolutionary history and general ecology of the European ant fauna, and to provide a toolkit of skills and resources enabling the identification of any European ant species. The course will be run by the Centre for Social Evolution, and this years' external guest teachers will be Riitta Savolainen and Christos Georgiadis. The course is limited to 20 students, and while designed for PhD students, is also open to MSc students and Postdiocs if seats are still available. Participation is free, but studenst must arrange their own travel and accommodation. For more information, and to enroll, see: https://phdcourses.ku.dk/DetailKursus.aspx?id=102546&sitepath=NAT

23-27 October 2017

XXIII Simpósio de Mirmecologia

Curitiba, Brazil

It is our pleasure to announce that the XXIII Simpósio de Mirmecologia: an international ant meeting will take place between the 23rd and 27th of October, 2017 in Curitiba, Brazil. The webpage for our symposium is already online (http://mirmeco2017.wixsite.com/mirmeco2017) and will be continuously updated as new information become available.

The Organizing Committee invites the academic community to propose round table sessions to be hosted in our event. The motivation for this initiative is to provide a platform for any area of interest within Myrmecology, allowing for flexibility in the presented themes, as well as broad participation of leading researchers and professionals in a variety of research topics and areas of professional practice within Myrmecology. Selected round tables will be included in the scientific program of the Symposium and will have an expected duration of two hours.

Please see the guidelines for the submission of proposals at the meeting webpage: http://mirmeco2017.wixsite.com/mirmeco2017/news

October 2017

11th International Conference on Ants (11th ANeT)

The 11th International Conference on Ants (11th ANeT) is to be organised in India in October-2017, details regarding registration, abstract submission and other relevant information will follow soon.

The conference website can be found at: http://www.antdiversityindia.com/international_conference_on_ants-2017

7-10 November 2017

IV Symposium of Termitology

Viçosa, Brazil

The fourth in a series of symposia on Termitology held at the Federalk University of Viçosa, which started as a national meeting intended to bring together the steadily growing community of termitologists in Brazil. After the success of the first meeting, the symposium turned international, attracting delegates from South America as a whole. The audience reaches about 150 people, including researchers, post-graduate and undergraduate students, mostly focused on fundamental science. A minor proportion of people interested on applied research is also expected to attend. Keynote speakers from the three previous meetings have included Judith Korb, Yves Roisin, Michael Engel, David Bignell and Ed Vargo, in addition to the "natives" Reginaldo Constantino, Eliane Cancello, Ana Maria Costa-Leonardo and Og DeSouza.

More information can be found at the symposium web site: http://www.symtermes.ufv.br

If your meeting or course is not here, please advise the webmaster
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