The IUSSI International Congress


XVIII IUSSI International Congress

Guarujá, Brazil

At the XVII international congress in Cairns it was announced that the next international congress will be hosted by the Brazilian section. More details will follow as they become available.

 Previous Congress:

13-18 July 2014

XVII IUSSI International Congress

Cairns, Australia

The program for the congress can be downloaded here, and the abstract book here.


IUSSI Section Meetings

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19 December 2016

IUSSI North West European winter meeting

Natural History Museum, London

Registration starts at 9am, first talk at 10am. We will have a full day of talks, with a poster session over tea/coffee in the afternoon. After the talks informal discussions continue in the pub. Kate Parr, University of Liverpool has promised to deliver this year's plenary talk. Especially students are encouraged to present their work, but all submissions are of course welcome! There will be a prize for the best student talk and poster.

For more information see the NW European meetings page



Other Meetings & courses of interest to social insect researchers

7-11 November 2016

Social Evolution PhD Course

IST Austria

This PhD course will introduce the key concepts in social evolution and the use of social insects as a model system to understand the evolution of sociality. The following topics will be covered and taught by invited scientists who are experts in their fields:

Evolution of sociality
Genetics of sociality
Conflict and cooperation
Mutualisms and parasitism

Students attending the course will develop a firm platform on which to build their own knowledge and ideas. It will train students to critically address key literature, through questioning, debating and presenting research papers. Importantly, the course will provide students the opportunity to build connections with their peers and the invited scientists. Therefore, we highly encourage early-stage PhD students to apply.

The course will be held at the recently established research institute IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria), just outside the capital city of Vienna.

For more information, please check out our website: http://ist.ac.at/social-evolution-2016/welcome/ Or email: cpull@ist.ac.at

Deadline for applications is September 15th.

October 2017

11th International Conference on Ants (11th ANeT)

The 11th International Conference on Ants (11th ANeT) is to be organised in India in October-2017, details regarding registration, abstract submission and other relevant information will follow soon.

The conference website can be found at: http://www.antdiversityindia.com/international_conference_on_ants-2017

If your meeting or course is not here, please advise the webmaster
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