About the International Union for the Study of Social Insects

The purpose of the Union is to promote and encourage the study of social insects and other social organisms in the broadest sense. Both research and the dissemination of knowledge about social insects and other social organisms through publications, educational programs, and activities are encouraged. The Union further pursues these objectives via the organization of Congresses and Symposia, publication of the journal Insectes Sociaux, and recognition of distinguished service with awards.

Constitution of the IUSSI

The latest version of the constitution of the IUSSI was approved at the international congress in Copenhagen in August 2010. It can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document here. The executive committee are currently working on a revised version, following the international congress in Cairns, designed to improve clarity. The current draft can be downloaded here, and comments to the secretary general, Madeleine Beekman (see below) are welcome.

The IUSSI was registered as a charity (not-for-profit organization) with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, constituted in the state of Ohio, in August 2012. The registration letter can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document here. Tax return forms for the IUSSI can be found here for 2011 and 2012, and the details for 2012 here.

At the 2014 international congress, a financial sub-committee was established - Details of the 2014 finances and the duties of this sub-committee can be found here

Current officers of the IUSSI

Secretary GeneralMadeleine Beekman
PresidentKlaus Hartfelder
Editor-in-Chief of Insectes SociauxMichael Breed
Associate Editors of Insectes SociauxMiriam Richards,
Yves Roisin
ArchivistChris Starr
WebmasterDavid Nash

You can read about the duties of the officers here

Other documents

The minutes of the latest International Committee meeting can be found here (August 2014).
Contact details of the officers of the various sections can be found here (November 2017)
The most recent report of the Secretary General can be found here (December 2017).

Previous reports since Q3 2010 can be downloaded from the links below.

2010:  IUSSI report 4.3 
2011:IUSSI report 5.1IUSSI report 5.2IUSSI report 5.3IUSSI report 5.4
2012:IUSSI report 6.1IUSSI report 6.2IUSSI report 6.3 
2013:IUSSI report 7.1   
2014:   December 2014
2015: July 2015 December 2015
2016: August 2016 December 2016
2017:   December 2017


Last updated: Monday, August 18, 2014